Nameless Markdown Directory-organized Notation software
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The Nameless Markdown Directory-organized Notation software

Namadino is a notation software that uses Markdown and directories to organize your thoughts. It was originally designed to help with the translation of written works.



Basic Markdown support is inplemented using the mistune library. Additionally, one custom pattern has been added for what is called "hover text." Hover text will add HTML title text to a root word. This is useful for adding definitions to unknown words or hiding answers to problems when reviewing later.

<This is an example of hover text>(This text would be hidden)
<日本>(にっぽん | Japan)


All notes can be exported into an interactive HTML file. Each directory will appear as a button that hides the content beneath it. These HTML files can easily be distributed to others and viewed in any web browser with JavaScript enabled.

Integration with Anki

All instancecs of hover text can be exported into a file that can be imported directly into Anki. There are options available to get all instances of hover text on a single page, in a single folder, or across a whole project

Password Protection

Notes can have a password set to limit who has access to a set of notes. Exported files are saved in clear text however, so it is not recommended to use those features if your notes contain sensitive information.