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2019-09-02 02:03:23 -05:00
{% extends "sqrl/sqrl_base.html" %}
{% load sqrl %}
{% block title %}Manage SQRL Identity{% endblock %}
{% block content %}
<h1>Manage SQRL Identity with your account</h1>
{% if not user.sqrl_identity %}
You dont have SQRL identity associated with your account yet.
Please use SQRL link/QR code below to associate SQRL identity with your account.
{% else %}
Congratulations! You already have SQRL identity associated with your account.
If you would like to either change or delete existing SQRL identity
associated with your account, you can do that by selecting appropriate
option in your SQRL client and then using the SQRL link/QR code below.
<strong>Note:</strong> For both changing or deleting your SQRL identity,
you will need to load your SQRL rescue code.
<strong>Caution:</strong> Normally it is not advised to change or delete
your SQRL identity. Usually these operations are only required when
SQRL identity is compromised.
{% endif %}
2019-09-04 21:08:57 -05:00
{% sqrl as sqrl_session %}
2019-09-14 04:38:14 -05:00
{% sqrl_login_dropin sqrl_session %}
2019-09-02 02:03:23 -05:00
{% endblock %}
{% comment %}
Used to manage SQRL identity in relation to existing logged in account.
When no SQRL identity is already associated with the account,
it can be used to associate a new identity.
When existing SQRL is already associated, this page can be used
to either change or delete existing identity.
No special variables are passed in the context for the association
to work. All necessary data should already be in the context.
{% endcomment %}